Sponsored by British Airways

The roots of our family run as deep and thick as blood. The legacy they leave behind, the heirlooms they bequeath are the only slices of their life we can call our own. The video by British Airways features such a poignant tale of a young boy who stumbles upon a journal from his grandpa’s youth and discovers a side to him, he never knew existed. Thus begins an evocative journey where he sets out to rediscover the London from his Thata’s adventurous past.

Life comes full circle when he visits the same sites and yet experiences the city anew. He discovers that no matter how similar his experiences to that of the journal, there’s always a side to London more beautiful and novel than the last. The beauty of the city, even through the grandson’s fleeting experience, is powerful enough to evoke our vagabond sides and we just can’t help but watch on.