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Do you remember, back when we were in school, we would often hold grudges against our moms for all the things she would refuse us. From saying no to buying us that super-cool toy to denying us permission to go to the “most awesome house party ever!” we have had a never-ending list of these grudges. We resented her, whenever we wanted something, we would hear a no. While our friends were enjoying their teenage years and making merry, we were stuck at home. We were told, time and time again, that we weren’t ready to take up the responsibility that we so desperately wanted. Of course, we were kids, how were we supposed to know anything about how our actions have an equal and opposite reaction?

But that did not stop us from having borderline hate towards her. As time passed by and our mother’s behaviour changed, we realised that it wasn’t that she didn’t want us to have fun, the real reason was because we hadn’t developed a sense of maturity and sensibility, she couldn’t let us do something, that we would regret later.  

And now, when we may consider us to be adults, we understand, that her concern and her “no’s” were a part of her tough love, a love that not only made us better people but also helped us grow up realising and understanding what true responsibility really means. 

Hyundai’s new ad perfectly summarises that regardless of how we felt about our mother’s behaviour, it was her tough love, that kept us safe. 

Hyundai’s stand on underage driving is firmly strengthened in the words of their Senior General Manager, Group Head, Marketing at Hyundai Motor India Ltd, Puneet Anand. 

The average age of kids who drive has gone down from 16 to 11 years in the last 3 years which is a serious concern in the society with extreme consequences. Our video addresses this concern through a hard-hitting yet emotional depiction of a child’s angst as mother’s show #Toughlove to keep them safe. We are glad that people have accepted our message and are spreading the word to an even large audience to bring about the required behavioral change for this cause