Sponsored by Asian Paints

“Are the cushions in place?”

“Why is there a football in the living room?”

 “Who’s taken out the newspaper from the rack?”

We always tend to worry a lot about the appearances of our house and the constant need to make it look perfect in front of a guest. In this never-ending attempt to keep things spotless and look the most beautiful, we end up caring less about our home and more about the ‘house’, often losing out on building those lasting memories.

I don’t understand exactly when this transition of enjoying at home to getting stressed up about its impression takes place. Our homes, after all, are meant to be the one place where we can hope to find peace; unwind and experience the little joys of life in the company of our loved ones. In this adorable ad by Asian Paints, little Bruno woofs and explains to his dad what the meaning of a home really is. ‘Cause, memories with kids and furry cuddles with doggo are only found at #HomesNotShowrooms.

Watch it here.