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There are ads and then there are ADS. The one I’m going to talk about right now is the latter. One look and you’ll understand what it’s trying to say, or rather imply. It shows a rather optimistic kangaroo trying to enter a tiger’s territory with a glimmer of hope. Needless to say, a roar later, the kangaroo knows that he’s taken a terrible decision. I mean, we all know how this one’s going to end, right? This symbolic representation of the two nations in the simplest way possible is what makes this ad so special and so damn relatable. Because cut to real life…

Just like the encounter in the jungle, the one on the field is also going to be truly epic. 

History has it that, Ind v/s Aus matches tend to bring out the best of both the teams. Who can forget Sachin’s blitzkrieg in Sharjah in 1998? Or, Ponting’s whirlwind century in the 2003 World Cup? Or, the marathon innings by Dravid & Laxman that eventually halted Australia’s unbeaten streak? And of course, India’s epic test series against Australia earlier this year? 

So if you aren’t kicked about the clash already, maybe this ad of the kangaroo running away is all you need to watch: