Poverty is not just an economic condition but a deep rooted disease. It is brutal, unforgiving and fierce. Poor laborers languish under the hot sun of a harsh working day and dream of just resting comfortably at night but are destined to remain on the streets. Pakistan, being one of the most poverty stricken nations in the world, suffers constantly under the burden of this issue. A fast growing population facing a lack of infrastructure is a grim situation and to combat the horrors of poverty, Master Moltyfoam, a bedding company has come up with an incredibly innovative idea. 

They have managed to install the world’s first billboard beds on streets all across Pakistan. During the day it serves its purpose of advertising for the company, and at night it can be converted into comfortable beds for the poor. This is undoubtedly a creative and much needed step towards providing the basic amenities citizens require to lead a decent life.



It’s time India considers this option for its poverty stricken citizens who have incredibly demanding jobs and unearthly working hours. It’s time the country gave back to these amazing men and women.  

feature image source: You Tube Masthead image source: iruni