Pretty much everyone loves pizza, I mean it’s weird if you don’t. Like, what’s wrong with you? But getting those tricky triangles just right is a different art altogether. Marinaras, Margheritas, Sicilian pizzas, it’s all good, but there’s a lot of people expelling chewy circles of filth in the name of the pizza as well. Lucky for us, pizza compiler Daniel Young has revealed the location of the best pizza in the world, and it’s only 7000 km and a couple of lakhs away!

According to Daniel (let’s call him Danny), Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo, Italy, has the best damn pizza in the whole wide world!

Caiazzo is a hilltop town around 30 miles north of Naples, and home to Franco Pepe, a man who looks nothing like what you’d imagine a Pepe to look like sadly enough. He runs Pepe in Grani, and his pizzas occupy a special, almost mythical place in the hearts of true pizza aficionados.

This margherita maestro’s proficiency lies in the preparation, which involves dough analysis, topping arrangement and the final cooking, all of which leads to his pièce de résistance, the Pinsa conciata del ’500.

This pleasure for the palate is topped with conciato romano cheese, fig preserve from the Cilento, basil, and lardo from Nero Casertano pigs; and Il Sole nel Piatto (sunshine on a plate) with buffalo mozzarella, tiny Piennolo del Vesuvio tomatoes, Cetara anchovies, basil, extra virgin olive oil and Caiazzo olives. It’s important to note that Pepe sources most of his ingredients locally from artisanal food producers and also produces his own handmade dough and tomato sauce.

It’s cool though, I’ll just stick to the usual neighbourhood pizza for now. *screams internally*

Story Source: The Guardian