There have been studies on how one can tell a lot about a person on the basis of their hands. Well, if you have heard this before, it just might be true. Kay Packard, head of American Academy of Hand Analysis, has revealed that our hands, specifically our palms, can indeed say lots of things about us — and there is nothing abstruse about it. After researching on this topic for a while, he came to a conclusion that each finger stands for something unique about us. 

Want to find out? Scroll down.

1. First up, you need to determine which hand is your strong hand.

2. Then, get to know your strong and weak fingers. The stronger some of them are, the more pronounced are certain traits of your character.

To help you understand better. If your thumb and index finger are stronger in your lead hand, then you are a strong, shrewd character who strives for success. 

You can clearly have more than one strong finger.

3. Your fingertips too can give you a hint about your personality traits. Check it out.

4. Look at the gaps between your fingers. Just place your hand on a flat surface or hold them up in front of you normally, and then take a keen look at the gap between them.


Design Credits: Aakansha Pushp & Puneet Gaur