Revenge is an emotion that drives people to extremes. 

But while most revenge stories revolve around lovers or family members, what is to stop people from exacting revenge against a sentient being such as a snake? 


Because that’s exactly what Sonelal, a resident of UP’s Hardoi town did. When a snake apparently bit him, he chewed off its head for revenge, and managed to survive! 

Navbharat Times

He fell unconscious after biting the snake, and was rushed to the Moghaganj community health center (CHC). 

The doctors, emergency medical officer Dr Mahendra Verma and pharmacist Hitesh Kumar, attended to him on receiving the information that he was bitten by a snake. However, they could not find any bite marks on him.

Sonelal regained consciousness around 10 pm, at which time he explained that he felt that a snake bit him when he was grazing his cattle, and so he bit off the snake’s head in revenge. 

However, since the doctors could not find any bite marks, they believe that the snake had not attacked Sonelal, but he fell unconscious because of the venom in the snakes’ body part that he bit on.

Well, revenge is never an easy dish to swallow!