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If you’ve visited India Gate, you’d know that Indian guards are present at all hours to perform the solemn duty of guarding the Amar Jawan Jyoti. An average day at work for them involves standing motionless for almost the entire day. Which means that no matter what happens, they won’t move a muscle. Sounds intense, right? 

Well, on the occasion of World Smile Day, Britannia Good Day has brought forward a rather interesting story of an unsmiling Indian guard.

An Indian guard who performs his duty with a straight-face, all while tourists click selfies with him and the kids play ‘statue’ with him. Of course, he cannot indulge with them because he’s on duty. So what does he do for an outlet? Well, he waits. He waits for that one moment when he can cherish all the memories of his day with a smile. 

After seeing a day in his life, you’ll truly ask yourself that when there’s nothing holding us back, why don’t we smile more often?

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