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Whether it’s an angry reaction while you’re driving or a passive-aggressive cringe after reading the news, we all just resort to expressing our disappointments when it comes to the problems of our society. 

“Nothing can change in this country.”

“How will it make a difference? I can’t do anything all by myself.”

We use this typical statement if and ever the question of change comes up and carry on with our routine. We have simply stopped believing that a single person can make the world a better place when time and again leaders have initiated revolutions and brought people together, starting all by themselves.

A growing menace in the city of Mumbai was the state of the Versova beach which choked on plastic and had its soul fade away bit by bit. 

While most people would continue littering and blame the municipality, Afroz, a lawyer who grew up in the city, took it upon himself to make a move towards a cleaner environment. Starting with just one octogenarian companion, he began this strenuous journey that eventually brought many citizens together and collectively formed what he now believes to be the ‘beach cleaning family’. 

His accomplishments are not restricted to cleaning the seaside but also generating a sense of happiness and pride amongst all citizens who cared. This just goes on to show the depth of human spirit and what it can accomplish once it sets its mind to the task. Oxemberg celebrates the spirit of real heroes like him, urging others to #MakeYourMove. Watch his inspiring story here.