Sponsored by Big Rock

Imagine living in a world that has no bias, no prejudice, and no envy. A world where there is #NoDifference whatsoever. Wouldn’t it be one amazing place to live? Well, if your imagination isn’t helping you, don’t worry. The folks at BigRock have made a gem of a music video to capture this thought beautifully. 

“I dream of a world for you and me, where anybody can be who they wanna be.”

Performed by Nikhil D’Souza & Pankaj Awasthi, this lyrical masterpiece quite vividly shows what a world without differences would look like.

Well, after watching the video, all I can say is… it looks beautiful.

If you haven’t paid attention, each frame in the video is a social message in itself. 

b”When it comes to education, it’s imperative that we don’t favour one child and ignore the other. These two kids in the video, smiling ear to ear are saying the same thing. Irrespective of their gender, both have the right to education.xc2xa0″
b’We all want to live in a world that teaches love and compassion, not hatred or ignorance. We should aim at creating a society where all people have the right to practice whichever religion they want to and follow whatever faith that speaks to them.xc2xa0′
b”Gender cannot (and should not) define the pay scale of anyone. The only things that should determine it is one’s hard work and one’s competence. Nothing else. xc2xa0″

What’s more, BigRock, as a way of celebrating this noble thought, is giving people a chance to buy a .com and a .net domain at the same price!