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It’s exam season and with every kid spending their nights revising, there’s a parent losing sleep as well. Exams are equally strenuous for parents who are trying to equip their kids with the best so that they may score well. But sometimes even with their good intentions, they end up unknowingly stressing their kids with undue expectations and that’s never a good thing.

This video by Cello Pens opens to a similar setting where parents are seeing their children off to an exam hall, cramming in last bites of food, good wishes and the thinly veiled pressure to do well. But what happens next, really levels the playing field. On being asked to take the same test, parents realize the difficult situation they constantly put their kids in. The video is a wonderful commentary on parenting and shows how we need to focus on their education rather and encourage them during this stressful time rather than valuing scores over everything. Catch the video here.