Sponsored by Luminous

What makes a house, a home? It’s not the furniture, not the marble flooring or the designer interiors. Instead, it’s the people with whom we share our dream home and the love that makes it feel like a #KhushiyonKaGhar. Nothing can compare to the warmth of creating new experiences and putting together this hallowed home. Even the little things like sharing some light moments over dinner is a beautiful thing if you do it with your family.

Creating our own happy space is a beautiful journey and this video by Luminous featuring the soulful voice of Sonu Nigam proves just that. It shows how a family undertakes the wonderful journey to build their happy home and it’s already making me long for my own place. Luminous, being the dependable partner in making houses into homes, pays homage to this wonderful concept and the video is just a bunch of feels. Watch it here.

Their complete range of home electrical appliances including inverters, UPS, batteries, fans, switches, LED lights and wires, will help you build your happy home. Check it out here.