Let’s face it. I think you will agree that out of all the superpowers our dads possess, the biggest one is their ability to make time for us, no matter how busy they are. I mean, even after working all day long, they still have the energy to handle everyone’s tantrums. That said, while they have sacrificed a lot to make time for us, sometimes, they just need a little ‘me’ times. But as ever-demanding kids, rarely do we understand that, do we?

“Some superheroes don’t wear capes… They’re called Dads”

However, in this poignant video by Nickelodeon, a young kid who wants to play hide ‘n seek with his dad gets it completely. While he does play a round of the game with his dad, he later goes on to make him feel special with a pleasant surprise. The message of the video gets perfectly encapsulated in the end when the father gets to enjoy a well-deserved #DadsDayOut. One that he will never forget. Because let’s face it, we all know that fathers being fathers, would never really celebrate a day that’s dedicated to them. 

To know what the kid really did, watch the video!

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