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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a mentor.

Imagine what would have happened if some of our favourite sports players did not have the right guidance or the mentors that they did? Chances are they might have never been able to reach their full potential. For it is only a remarkable teacher who can push us beyond our limits and help us dream the impossible.

One such exceptional coach is Mumbai-based marathon runner Deepak Oberoi.

Having suffered from asthma as a child, it was difficult for Deepak to engage in most of the physically strenuous activities, be it running or working out. Which makes it all the more surprising how he managed to run marathons – and that too an umpteen number of them! 

To spread his message of persistence and dedication, Deepak started helping people train for marathons. Today, he trains about 150 runners, helping them maximize their potential. His story truly depicts the power of determination and how imperative it is to have a coach. After all, the right amount of guidance, motivation and strength are just some things that a true mentor like him can provide us. 

A couple of years back, I remember having a lot of difficulty in my dance class. There was a choreography I was learning and I just couldn’t remember a few steps. I almost gave up and voluntarily chose to stand in the last line. This laidback attitude of mine, however, did not go well with my instructor. 

She made me practice. Individually. Every day, for an hour after the class, I would stay back and she would teach me until I finally learned the sequence. Thanks to her, this was actually the first time I danced in the first row – right in the center! From someone who started learning with two left feet, she really made me believe that persistence can help you achieve almost anything. 

Just like having a mentor enhances your skills and capabilities, having a financial advisor or distributor can be of great help for your investments. Deepak’s students benefitted from his guidance as they broke their barriers and ran miles they never thought they could. Similarly, the expertise of an advisor can help you plan your investments better and create a secure future.

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