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“Maaf kardo, baccha hi toh hai” – Every father, grandparent, uncle, aunty and relative, ever!

This is probably the one thing that we’ve heard countless times when a child gets punished for his/her mistakes. That said, you would have probably never heard a mother say these words. Does this imply that they are often harsh on their own children? Well, not really. But what it does imply is the fact that a mother knows when to be tough on her kids. 

The problem, however, is that more often than not, she’s the only one being tough. and taking a difficult stand. This leads to sometimes downplaying of her role in a household that convolutes the child’s way of thinking. This needs to change as mothers have an equal role to play in shaping and protecting the next generation & deserves to be trusted and respected for it. 

All Out’s new video made by Shoojit Sircar talks about the importance of strengthening the role of women in every household and urges us to #StandByToughMoms.