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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you would remember the video of Virat Kohli teaching this young kid how to pack some serious punch in his strokeplay. Guess what? The mentor-student duo is back! And this time, the Indian captain has a new torture test up his sleeve.

Last time he taught him how to develop power in his wrists and this time he’s teaching him how to develop a safe pair of hands.

If you are slightly confused by what is going on in this video, let me explain. This technique that Virat is using is an extremely important technique if one wants to master the art of fielding in the slips. 

When a bowler is bowling at 140 or 145 kmph, it is extremely difficult to even see the ball, let alone judge its trajectory. 

Needless to say, to be an ace in the slip cordon, one needs to have awesome reflexes and a really safe pair of hands. Both of which, one can develop by mastering this insane fielding drill. 

Watch the video to see how the kid fared in Virat’s latest torture test:

If you think you can better this kid’s score, then send in your entries here and you might even get to train with the master mentor, Virat Kohli, himself!

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