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Right after I finished my college, just like everyone, all I wanted to do was get a job. A job that would help me earn some money that I can happily splurge on gadgets, travel, food, party… Basically, live life king size. However, my parents were of a different opinion. They wanted me to save first and then spend later. Needless to say, being my “responsible” self, I would often say,“If I don’t spend on myself right now then when will I?”

My father once told me – “Spend what you have remaining after you save, don’t save what you have after spending.”

However, with time, I realized that I was terribly wrong. Maybe, what my parents were trying to tell me wasn’t useless after all. They were, in the simplest of ways, trying to tell me to save for my own future. 

Finally, a few years back, I decided to give up my devil-may-care attitude and started investing my hard-earned money. And now when I look back, I feel that I actually started my journey a bit late. But let’s be honest, a start is a start.

Just like me, this little story of realising something late, but working hard to achieve your goals holds true for Manmohan Talwar. A 65-year-old man, who at the age of 57 decided to turn his life around, by running marathons. 8 years later, Mr. Talwar has won many accolades for his feats. Surprisingly, more than the medals he’s won, he’s proud of the fact that even though he started late, he achieved his goals and his investment paid off. 

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