The earth is a really mysterious place. A lot of things happen on this planet, and most of us don’t have even a smidge of an idea about them. For instance, no living soul knows what happens in the Bermuda Triangle. 

Or, whatever happened to the mysterious Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. 

Or what lies beyond the ultra-secretive Area 51. 

Even though there are a lot of rumours and conspiracy theories that revolve around these, they sure sound fascinating as hell(literally)! And it seems like India has got one of them for itself. 

Case in point, a mysterious floating island off the coast of Mumbai. Found by a fisherman who filmed it on his phone, the “suspected” island has surely brought a lot of conspiracies out in the sun. Moreover, the island bears an eerily striking resemblance to a submarine. Could it be a whale? Is it a fish? Is it a boat? Is it some sort of a spaceship-submarine that aliens have come to earth in? The chance to meet extra-terrestrials sure does sound enticing, doesn’t? Don’t know about you, but I surely want to find out what that is. 

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself: