Sponsored by CERA

Growing up, we’ve always looked at our fathers as the pillars of strength but we’ve failed to notice how strong our mothers can be. From being our first confidant to our best friend, mothers have kept no stone unturned when it comes to our happiness. You see, right from our wee days of embryonic development, this God figure has always been mauling her wishes over our idiosyncratic demands, just to see that smile on our faces. I say a God figure, ‘coz who else can handle work, family and home simultaneously without breaking a sweat.

This heart-warming video by CERA about an extraordinary mom going an extra mile for her son’s happiness and stepping into roles not conventionally assigned to her proves this point perfectly. While we applaud CERA for acknowledging a mom’s countless efforts, watch the video and join us to salute the live-it-up spirit of motherhood.