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Even before I picked up my first textbook, my father sat me down and told me that I was born in a family whose progress was determined by education. While my great-grandfather was a wrestler, he educated his son to become a clerk at a coal mining firm, and my father’s generation was of the engineers. “You might go on to doing even better things than we did, but remember, all of it starts with hard work,” he would say.

With time, success can come your way and not just for you but for everyone who has supported you from the start. This moving video by the TOEFL® test aptly shows the journey of a kid who grows up with a dream and the barrage of emotions he experiences when he finally makes it to his graduation ceremony. While he collects his degree, his entire life flashes in his head where he looks back at all the sacrifices he made just to get there. I have been there and I know how it feels – a feeling of accomplishment that paves the path to your aspirations in the future.

Here’s the TOEFL test’s dose of motivation for everyone who is working towards their goal:

BRB, gonna study for no reason.