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“Getting the best in the world is one objective, staying the best in the world is another objective & is even more challenging.” 

These words rightly reflect how Sachin, over a period of almost three decades, has continuously evolved as a player. When you have a career that spans that long, it’s almost easy to forget the constant change that comes with it. Whether it’s the rules, opponents,  or even the format of the game that changes, if you want to remain at the top, you need to keep learning. 

Recently, in a chat with DBS bank at their cool office at Express Towers, Nariman Point, Sachin got candid about his playing career and how over three decades he had to constantly reimagine and change his style of playing. 

One such episode is the 1994 ODI series when he got the opportunity to open the batting for India. His decision to attack the bowlers in the opening fifteen overs made people apprehensive. However, it eventually proved to be a masterstroke. So much so, that he scored a blistering 80 runs off 49 deliveries.

Here is the master blaster talking with Piyush Gupta (CEO, DBS Bank) and telling him some really interesting stories about his playing career. 

Just like the Master Blaster, DBS Bank shares a similar belief system when it comes to staying ahead of the curve. Their mobile-only savings bank account – digibank and their integrated payment solution with Tally are examples of DBS being a bank that is future-ready.