The most powerful way to articulate the story of your life and set it into motion is to pen it down. Remember, as children, how easy it was for us to craft a story and get transported into our imaginary world? However, now we often find ourselves in situations when we feel too caught up to get lost in our fantasies. Writing helps us retrospect. It helps us explore ourselves, understand ourselves, ‘feel’ every moment, and hence, savor life intensely. So next time you dismiss the thought of grabbing that pen and notebook because of lack of time, perseverance or dedication, read these quotes to draw some inspiration from these world-renowned authors:

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Airtel believes that the storytellers are truly artists. Paanch Nanhi Kalmein, an initiative by Airtel, aims to bring the lost art of storytelling in children back to life and encourage them to keep telling their stories to the world.

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