Tigers with their regal reddish-orange striped coat and fiery eyes glinting in the darkness aren’t known as one of the fiercest predators for nothing. Even leopards with their lightning speed and lethal attack know better than to mess with them. 

There was an instance of this in Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico recently, when founder Eduardo Serio was caught off guard when a leopard launched an attack from behind him but a tiger bounded in and cut him off. 

Eduardo Serio was a businessman in Los Angeles when he learnt about a young black jaguar being sold and drugged for purposes of photography. He rescued to jaguar and went on to create the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation with other supporters who rescue feline creatures from places of abuse like circuses and zoos. 

Luckily, Serio at that moment was being filmed playing with white lions so the incredible moment was caught on camera.

The lions were in a lazy mood, lying around in the grass enjoying a siesta.


Serio is playing with the lions, giving one a good old tummy rub.


He stands up to take a quick scan of the area and make sure the feline creatures are not up to any mischief but doesn’t notice the leopard, Dharma prowling behind the trees.


The tiger named Aztlan who was earlier relaxed is now super alert when he spots the leopard creeping towards Serio.


Guided by instinct, Aztlan instantly launches itself in the way of the now sprinting leopard and cuts it off.


The leopard manages to reach the startled man but the tiger pounces on him, bearing heavily.


The leopard loses balance and falls but sticks out its paw at Serio.


Serio slaps the leopard’s paw sternly and reprimands him while the tiger earns a pat and a ‘Gracias’ for saving him from the deadly attack.

The leopard backed off after the tiger intervened knowing it was a fight it could not win.

Watch the entire amaze video here:


Source: Youtube

Also note the chilled out lion in the corner who knows nap-time is priority.

Hurray for the heroic tiger who saves the day!