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Can you guess what makes friendship so damn amazing? Aside from the “always and forever” subtext, of course. It’s the fact that no matter what happens, true friendships always find a way to last. Now whether it be through the common love for Game of Thrones, or through the enduring fandom of Cricket, we’ve always found ways to connect. And how heartening it is to meet people who share your interests, especially in the Internet age!

This video from Trends is exactly the peppy and upbeat summation of how cool and trendy friendships are supposed to be. It is that special bond formed over shared passions and common interests. This way, we learn to speak a new language of togetherness, camaraderie and understanding through our mutual love for commonalities. This is what “Trendship” truly stands for and in many ways is redefining modern friendships. Trends salutes this indomitable young spirit urging all to own this bond with pride and we can’t help but agree. Catch this infectious video to know more about Trendships.

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