Staring in the face of reality isn’t an uncommon feat, yet I’m sure these truths will pinch you like a necessary evil. Truth Potato is giving us wisdom we already know, but end up overlooking while we’re busy adding zeroes to our bank accounts and socializing in a bubble of fantasy. 

Take a look at these illustrations which will remind us of the simple things in life that we tend to forget:

1. It’s not rocket science! 

2. Take wisdom, never judgments!

3. It’s all about perceptions. Make yours positive!

4. Make the most of every single day!

5. Stop worry so much about how you look!

6. Shape your life the best way you can!

7. Chase your dreams!

8. Sad but true.

9. To each his own.

10. A charming personality does!

11. Can’t escape from this one!

12. Living in denial won’t change it!

13. Stop cribbing, start living!

14. Just don’t miss out on a happy life.

15. Holding up a mirror. Start reflecting!

16. Did you think otherwise?

17. Just don’t let them drag you down!

18. Embrace life!

19. Learn from them or laugh at them!

20. Give wings to what’s important to you.

21. Reality check!

22. Secret to a good life!

23. Don’t we already know that? Yet we all suffer from it.

24. Along with great responsibility.

25. Truth with a pinch of salt!

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