According to Internet lore, Monday is to a week as Elaichi is to Biryani. Everyone fuckin hates it. We’ve seen countless memes, videos and gif loathing Mondays but it had us wondering whether we were right about this or not. We tried ranking the days of the week and we were pretty convinced that Tuesdays are worse than Mondays.

Here are a few reasons why Tuesdays are the worst.

1. You can’t find non-vegetarian food at a lot of places because of Tuesday fasts.

I have nothing against people following their religion and keeping fasts but that in no case should affect my lifestyle. Some restaurants and services don’t offer non-vegetarian food on Tuesdays. It’s annoying when you desperately want to eat non-vegetarian food but you can’t because someone else’s faith is preventing you from doing so. Some of our friends don’t party on Tuesdays because they turn into teetotalers for the day. Tell me, which crazy story starts with “Oh once I had salad and…”?  

2. It’s not really the weekend.

Is it really a decent day if it’s not a weekend? Nope. It’s really far from weekends anyway and you have to deal with Monday to battle the wrath of Tuesdays. Tuesdays are only a more boring and tiring extension of Mondays.

3. At least on Mondays, you could/can catch new episodes of Game of Thrones and Mr Robot.

On an average Tuesday, there are rarely any good shows that you can watch. Monday at least offers you new episodes of some of the best running TV shows. 

4. On Mondays, you can actually relax and start fresh. Tuesdays are just a drag.

On Mondays, you can actually revisit the beautiful memories of the weekend. On Tuesdays, the weekend seems to be a distant past that’ll never return. You also are properly rested on Monday mornings but Tuesday mornings are a combination of Monday blues and the days to come.

5. Tuesdays are basically Mondays but with less hope.

One more day of the week that we’ll need to pass without an iota of hope. We make false promises about Mondays and on Tuesdays we realise that we’re up to no good.

6. You aren’t hungover on Tuesday mornings but it still feels painful AF.

Let’s help each other get through the unpleasant interlude between Monday morning hangovers and Thursday night drinking.

7. Scientifically, Tuesday 11:45 is the most stressful moment of the week.

We’re not saying this but Science is. According to this scientific survey, Tuesday mornings are the most stressful moments of the week. Like Neil DeGrasse Tyson says, Nothing beats Science.

Do you agree with that? If you don’t, comment about what is the worst day of the week for you.