It’s time to bid adieu to one more year. There will be some who might have accomplished a lot, while there’ll be others holding grudges in their hearts for not being able to catch up with their friends and colleagues.

While I was pondering how 2017 fared for me, I realised that while we are busy complaining and rushing to achieve everything in life all at once, we often fail to achieve what we’ve always desired.

Let’s take you through a beautiful story woven by Eketi Edima Ette, which will make you believe in the beauty of time.

She takes us back in time when she was 12 or 13 years old,

And so the preparations began.

Every child would have done the same.

All play and no work. Finally the realization,

Within no time, the house was set in its original avatar, but…

The sound of the approaching car could be heard now.

Surrounded by clouds of trouble, the special demon came to help her…

Amidst the confusion of ‘doing it’ or ‘not doing it’,

As expected, the soup turned out to be an abomination.

And therein lies a very valuable lesson for us.

Give time. Give time to yourself, your life and it will turn out to be wonderful for you in the end.

Read the complete thread here.

A large number of people could relate to her story,

And her story inspired many.

For those who think that they haven’t achieved anything and the year has been an absolute failure for them:

“Everything begins and ends exactly at the right time and place.”