No one can deny the fact that a family is a unique unit. Its uniqueness comes from not only its size but also from the eccentric characters who are a part of the whole shabang! Whether a family belongs to the northern part of the sub-continent or the southern, there are a few typical characters that can be found in every family. Here are some of those predictable yet amusing characters:

1. The Indulgent Uncle

All the kids in the family LOVE him. He has one motive in life and that’s to spoil his nieces and nephews rotten. He’s also your go-to man when and if you are in trouble.

2. The Accommodating Husband

When it comes to a conflict between his wife and mother, he finds it hard to choose sides. Despite the obvious dilemma, he’s clearly a mamma’s boy and that’s why his mother loves him much more than his other siblings.

3. The No-Nonsense Wife

She’s always overworked. Usually, she spends her day cleaning the house and looking after her children. When things go out of hands, she often finds an escape by diverting her anger towards her husband. However, despite her short temper, she loves her family very much, especially her in-laws.

4. The Quirky Brother

This brother has several little quirks which basically define him. Awkward could easily be his middle name. He’s the one who’s likely to develop a habit of scratching his chin before eating, or washing his hands a million times in a day. But despite his crazy habits, he’s the family’s favorite!

5. The ‘Cool’ Cousin

This one breaks all the rules of the family and somehow manages to get away with it. Despite their hard exterior, everyone knows that they secretly love and care for the family deeply!

6. The Sister Who Is Also Your Best Friend

Be it at 4 a.m. or across continents, she’s the one you can always count on. You can rely on her when you are fighting with your significant other and she’ll be there for you when you want to share a deep dark secret! She is your BFF for life.

7. The Annoying Mother-in-Law

She NEEDS to know everything. Her day won’t be complete without knowing what is happening in everyone’s life. And it comes as no surprise that her sons are her favorite and she loves to nag her daughter-in-laws.

8. The Grumpy Grandfather

He’s always grumpy! He’s an old-fashioned man and thus has a stubborn masculine personality! Most of his time is spent in front of the television, ignoring things around him.

9. The Foreign Return Aunty

Every family has an aunt who is from a different country. Despite her differences, she mingles quite easily with all the family members and is loved by everyone!

10. The Nosey Neighbour

She’s not a part of the family but she may as well be. She’s the one who just can’t mind her own business. Whether it’s spying on the kids in the family or spreading rumors about someone else, you can always count on her to give you the gossip of literally the whole society!

They may be eccentric, but they’re family. And because they are family, you love them more than anything else in the world. Just like good ole’ Raymond, who sometimes can’t tolerate being around his weird family, but loves them to the moon and back. Watch him unfold his relationship with his family in the show Everybody Loves Raymond on Romedy Now every Monday – Friday at 8 P.M.