In association with Uber India

Perhaps we don’t realize it due to the fast lives we lead, but our fathers have sacrificed more things for us than we can count. The extra shift at work, the overtime, the personal ‘No Days Off’ rule – they’ve given silently and willingly. And maybe we don’t give much thought to the people who we cross paths with, but even our cab drivers have families they support and nurture, often by working on festivals and national holidays. In fact, for most of us, our cab drivers may only be strangers we meet once. For some, though, they’re fathers whose strength and passion leaves us in awe. 

Thus, this Father’s Day, Uber India decided to acknowledge and honor its drivers’ efforts by giving them a touching, pleasant surprise. Under the pretext of giving them feedback about their ratings, Uber called its partners to their city offices for a meeting. What the latter weren’t aware of, however, was the moving surprises that would be waiting for them inside.