After a couple got married underwater recently, the state of Kerala has topped itself by organising an underwater conference. 


Five CEOs of IT companies agreed to come together and have this meeting, to raise awareness about global warming and rising sea levels. The event was organised at Groove beach in Kovalam.


Raja Gopaal Iyer (Udaya Samudra Group of Hotels), Hema Menon (UST Global), Dinesh P Thampi (TCS), Dr Shyam Kumar (Neologix) and Rony Thomas (Avon Mobility Solutions) dived to reach a U-shaped table set on the bed of the ocean for the conference. The spot was about 50m from the shore.

Times of India

This conference comes closely on the heels of a global report which claims that seas around Kerala, Mumbai and Andaman & Nicobar Islands are one of the most polluted, around the world. 


The report also claimed that the rate at which we were polluting seas, there would be more plastic than fish by the year 2050.

It was Raja Gopaal Iyer of the Uday Samudra Group who put the conference together, which lasted for about 20 minutes. The idea was to raise awareness and bring to light the devastating effects of marine pollution on the environment and sea creatures.

Hope to see more efforts like these to combat global warming.