College is fun. But after the easy life at school, it is also a lot of work. Assignments, social pressure, dressing up, getting a job – it’s not all that easy. But we often don’t think about life on the other side, for professors. The ones working on an ad hoc basis are overloaded with work while the permanent ones have their own tragic story of being stressed out with no time to spare. In fact, being a teacher at any level of academia is not easy. 

Often times, they just go crazy dealing with the environment. And then, why not. They’re people too! Sometimes there will be awkward encounters. And sometimes, they’ll get back to you in the most creative ways, if you do mess with them. 

These confessions by University professors via Whisper, will leave your eyes wide open:

So, now you know professors are way more crazy than you thought they were. Be nice to them,  or at least try and stay awake during classes!

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