Without a doubt, our school days were the best days of our lives. Though we hated it back in those days, reminiscing about that time brings back so many memories. That initial phase of our life truly made us who we are today.

But not everything about school was solely for our benefit. 

There were a number of things that our school made us do that had no logic whatsoever! These things didn’t teach us any new skill and mostly just took a whole lot of our time. “Kya bakvaas yai yaar!” is all we’d say! 

You’ll agree to all these 13 things BTW:

1. Making useless models on water harvesting and volcano eruption.


2. Students marching for hours in the sun.


3. Practical files that were never even read properly by the teachers.


4. Making students copy both questions and answer from the blackboard.


5. Making the topper read the lesson every time in the class and not give someone else a chance.


6. Having only one sports class in a week.


7. Three maths classes back to back in a day.


8. Giving more holiday homework than even the number of holidays.


9.  Making things out of waste materials that required a lot of useful things!

b’Source: gambarkatakata’

10. Not letting girls and boys sit together unless arranged by the teacher instead of teaching sex education.

11. Long speeches by the principal during the assembly leading to at least 3 students fainting.


12. Asking students to mug up answers for an oral test the next day.


13. Punishments like writing “I will bring my notebook everyday” 500 times in the notebook.


 Useless but were kinda fun, right?