Can you imagine what a banana peel must feel like? Dejected, thrown away in a dustbin or just lying on the ground and waiting for the sweet release of decomposition. As people, what do we care about? Just the phallic shaped fruit within. And boy, do some of us devour it. Or the only other scenario is where the entire thing is used in sex-ed class for condom application.


Just look at the poor thing. Hanging there while its insides are gnawed (or enjoyed in this case), by us human folk. The banana within reaches its destiny of ending up in our digestive system, be it like this, or in the form of a shake.

But what about the peel? Its only claim to fame must be making people slip. Sometimes through the intentional action of people and sometimes simply because it just lay there or was strewn around and no one noticed. I think for a peel, that is some sort of payback. You know like “You step on me, now fall asshole!”


But what most of us don’t know is that banana peels have some amazing uses as well. Apart from making others fall and trying to make it a sensation on YouTube, you can actually use our black & yellow friends for the following things:

1. Forget Kiwi, banana peels can polish your shoes and also your silverware.

Just rub the peel on your boots or silver objects and chum’kela’ hojayega sab!


2. Peels can be used as teeth whiteners as well!

Kya aapke toothpaste mein kela hai?


3. It can clear acne! Rub the white side on pimples and don’t wash it for a while.

Forget face masks, chhilka kaafi hai!


4. You can use them to remove splinters. Tape the pith side on the affected area and it’ll shift it out!

The splinter will have to split.


5. It cures rashes too. From mosquito bites to small scratches, it eases the pain.

It just peels your pain away!


6. Peels can get rid of warts too. Just tape it to the wart and it’ll disappear within a week!

Wart are you saying?!


7. They can act as anti-depressants. Researchsays you just need to drink boiled banana peel water and it can sooth your heartache!

Since peels can feel too!


8. Peels are good fertilisers as well.

Add them to your compost and see the magic un-peel. 


9. Speaking of plants, you can use them to polish your plant leaves too.

Sounds like a plan(t), doesn’t it?


10. And lastly, you can eat them, and they are healthy. Raw or cooked, they are part of certain Indian recipes too.

Don’t make the poor sods feel so dejected.


Get peeling!