There’s always this ONE (at least one, we mean) friend in the group who is a complete stickler for vegetarian food and is the famous crank at dinner parties. Eating out, ordering food or cooking for them can be a true test of your patience!

But looks like they are going to have the last laugh.

Well, recent studies by the National Child Development Study, have shown that “more intelligent individuals are more likely to become vegetarians than their lesser-intelligent meat-loving counterparts.”


Now, what on earth could lead anyone to this conclusion? Let’s find out!

During their course of research, the researchers used 11 different cognitive tests. The results translated into vegetarians having a significantly higher IQ than those who ate meat. And, there was a significant difference of almost 10 points in the IQ results.

Evolutionary Psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa also looked into the relationship between vegetarianism and high intelligence in her study which found that, “People who have high intelligence and empathy skills are more likely to change personal habits that affect the world around them, such as eating meat.”


Turns out, intelligent people make conscious decisions on what they are going to eat. They are not the ones to succumb to the way we have been conditioned to eat since childhood or to get influenced by their ancestral environment. 

However, how do you get the required nutrients and protein without consuming meat? 

Turns out, A well-balanced vegetarian diet can pump more protein than a meat-based diet alone and these nutritional benefits help the body and the brain in becoming stronger and more capable. A plant-based diet can improve brain health, productivity, and intelligence.


While I decide if I should go ahead with eating the sizzling and sumptuous chicken in my office cafeteria, you can fix your meal chart. C’mon who does not want to be smart(er) now?

Fun fact: what did Benjamin Franklin and George Bernard Shaw have in common? They were intelligent. And vegetarians. 

However, the real question is are you ready to trade non-vegetarian dishes for smartness? *never faced a tougher life choice*