Remember we told you about a lawyer who started a cleanliness drive at Versova beach in Mumbai last year? 

Lewis Pugh

With the support from the United Nations and over 300 volunteers, he had been able to remove 5 million kgs of filth and trash from the beach since October 2015, when he first started the drive. 


Even the Oscar-winner actor Leonardo DiCaprio shared a video on Shah’s work!

Today, Afroz Shah shared the latest photograph of the Mumbai’s Versova beach on his Twitter account and saying the change is impressive is an understatement.

Shah, exhilarated with the outcome, told ScoopWhoop that it was a long journey. How long you ask?

85 weeks and 5 million kg of garbage and plastic.

He tells us,

The problem of plastic in ocean is huge. All stake holders are working really hard. 

And everyone is all praises and obviously!

Like they say, with perseverance, everything is possible!