With the amount of work our brain does for our body, it sure needs to be a resilient organ. The fascinating thing is our brains are actually quite soft and delicate.

Medical Videos has uploaded an extremely informational video where a freshly removed healthy human brain is shown and various parts of it are explained.

The doctor in the video points out every part of the brain, explaining its importance and it’s captivating, to say the least!

The brain is so soft that every time she presses it, a crater forms! 

In this image, an impression has formed at the bottom left corner from where she was holding the brain.

Our brain can do amazing things. Right now, it’s making your eyes see another person holding a fresh human brain! Watch the whole video to be awed by even more by this spectacular organ.


 The brain is one heck of an organ! Or is it? It’s your brain that’s making you think so.