All of us have always accepted that India is a country of myriad cultures and people. We also do know that we didn’t come to possess this identity over night. However, when we have come so far, tracing the origins of the country might appear like a daunting task. But is it impossible? Definitely not. 

Ollie Bye, who specialises in history and have made quite a few videos to show the evolution of different countries made this video on the evolution of India, covering every year from 2800 BCE (Before the Common Era).

The current India has changed so many hands that we might not even know the name of some of the dynasties. And there were, obviously, the big ones that our history books made sure remain seared into our brains.  

The Maurya Empire was the first to rule over such a vast area…


… but the Gupta Empire, too, dominated amid a lot of competition.


The mighty Mughals were, however, one of the most powerful kingdoms…


… who were eventually ousted by the British Raj.


Watch the video here for a whole lot of information.

The video honestly looks like an unbelievable amount of work but the result is not only highly informative but also awesome.