When you look at anybody who is slightly different from the conventional sense of ‘normal’, your first reaction is pity. You assume that their difference is their ‘disability.’ You look at them and feel sad about how life dealt them some very tough cards. But apart from pity, there are so many of us who have wanted to help out but never know how. But things are finally changing.

There are some people who are putting their planning skills to use to raise the standard of those who are slightly different from the definition of normal. This video shared by Katrina Kaif is about a visually-impaired man gaining his independence with the help of tactile pathways that keep him safe on the road. 

The story concludes with not just a positive ending but also a lesson: you can raise anyone’s standard of living with just a little planning and effort. 

You can watch the complete video here:

This is the kind of initiative that the society needs.

To help out, visit redrampproject.org.