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But sometimes errands and mostly our work has us stranded in parts of the city at odd hours. As much as our parents would frown upon the idea of travelling at night, sometimes we just can’t help it. Seriously though, if my folks know that it’s past 10 p.m and I haven’t reached home yet, hell is ought to break loose. There will be a constant wave of phone calls or messages, ending only when I inform them that I have reached home safely. Truth be told, I’d do the same if it were a loved one commuting late. Our loved ones are always worried about us but with independence comes the responsibility of taking control of our life. And that brings us to the real point which is…

Let’s just acknowledge the fact that most of us are not morning people. That being said burning the midnight oil is also no fun. 

While we like to keep control of our life, why not exercise that same control over our commute as well?

To help us do just that, Uber has come with their ‘share trip status’ feature and it’s a nifty move too. This way every time we take a ride, we can share the ride details with as many worried relatives as we want and they can happily track our journey. They get their peace of mind and we get the peace of our commute. Win, win, amirite? 

To access the feature, simply click on your booked ride and look for the ‘Share’ button. Tap on that to select the contacts you’d want to notify. Upon selection, Uber will diligently send each selected contact a text message bearing a real-time tracking link and your ride details. So your folks can see exactly when your ride pulls into your home. They’ll even be notified when your trip ends. Now even if you’re working late, your folks can rest easy. One less thing to worry about. Uber cool, right? Know all about it here.