The whole of 2016 whizzed past before we could even realize it. It wasn’t the best of years for most of us and we were all looking forward to 2017 with much hope and anticipation. January had a nice ring to it, the kind of optimism that only a new year can offer. Clean slate, new beginning and all that. 

But this January felt like a boulder in the middle of the road that just wouldn’t budge.

I mean, first things first: why did this month feel like a never-ending drill?

Just think of New Year’s Eve and recall where you were or what you were upto. Remember ringing in 2017? Where were you at midnight?

Wherever you were, it was at the start of this very month. Feels like a lot longer, doesn’t it?

Remember all the resolutions you made and planned to keep when the year started? I’m pretty sure you’ve broken all of them by now (I have). Yes, that’s how long it’s been since the month started.

What went wrong with the sand in January’s hourglass?

As if it wasn’t already an effort to show up at work after a vacation, the chilling winters made it worse. The weather just didn’t seem to make up its mind. One day it would be bone-chilling cold and the very next day it would show us glimpses of summer. And back. And forth. And back and forth. On and on. 

Every day, you’d get up on time and keep staring at the clock, contemplating about life until it was absolutely necessary to let go of that dear blanket and get ready.

This month just kept dragging on and on and on…


We usually start waiting anxiously for the month to end when our money starts running out. That happens somewhere between the second and third week of the month but this January, that feeling crept in a lot sooner. Thanks to all the eating and partying and not to mention the splurging on all the sales and discounts, our bank balance took a real battering.

December bled our wallets dry and January was expected to compensate for it. But it turned out to be nothing but disappointment!


But I’m glad that we are finally at the verge of bidding this January goodbye. 

So congratulations for successfully sailing through this horrific month.

And if it’s any consolation, this February is just 28 days long. It will whiz by! (hopefully)