From our childhood, we are fed spoonfuls of “marriage is everything” with added helpings of “your Prince-Charming-of-a-husband will rescue you” with our meals. So, growing up, it was quite natural for us to view love and marriage through rose-tinted glasses. No one told us that it is possible to fall out of love with our spouse. That there would come days when we’d have to accept the thorns in our marriage with all the love we could muster. That seeking an out from a loveless relationship or wanting to feel loved again would brand you as an adulterer. 

Voot Originals’ newest offering, “It’s Not That Simple” is a telltale portrayal of this very dilemma. The show documents the journey of the female lead, played by Swara Bhaskar, as she struggles to keep up appearances in an otherwise lacklustre marriage. How she deals with the conflict of seeking greener pastures in the arms of another as opposed to staying on in a passionless union, forms the crux of the plot. Has this piqued your interest? Here’s a preview of what’s in store for you.

Hooked already? You can watch the first three episodes of the series here.