In association with 100 Pipers

Billions of people have walked on the face of Earth but a very small percentage can claim to have truly made a difference. These are the people that dedicate their lives to make those of others, better. The video you are about to see is part of a series called ‘The Good Crusaders’, a presentation of 100 Pipers, that focuses on bringing unselfishly good people into the limelight and giving them a stage where they can inspire the masses to embrace the good in them too.  

One such blessed soul is Chetna Gala Sinha, a middle-aged lady from Mumbai, most noted for being the driving force behind the Mann Deshi Bank, India’s first bank for rural women. Not only did she introduce rural women to banking, but also empowered them to become independent, start their own businesses and set-up their own radio station. Yes, radio station.

Chetna tells us how she tackled every challenge that came her way and how all her efforts paid off in the end.

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Feature image source:  wcrcleaders