Our parents dedicate their lives towards giving us a better life, one that they hope is free of the hardship they faced and blessed with more joys that they’ve experienced. Just like this security watchman wants for his children. 


The son of a farmer, he had a difficult life where even making ends meet was a continuous struggle. When he was only 18, the lake in his village dried up leading to a severe drought. Faced with starvation, he moved to Mumbai in search of a source of income. 

We were on the verge of starvation. That’s when I came to Bombay to make at least some money and feed my family. 

It was then that he started working at a post office, and began sending money back home. Having worked there for major part of his adult life, he still did not quit working, because he had his children to think of. 

I worked at that post office all my life. I retired a few years ago, but then took up a job as a watchman here because 2 of my children are still studying and my biggest fear is that they won’t be educated well.

And after years and years of hard work, he finally had a favorable result – in the form of his son’s exemplary school record. 

Recently, my son was awarded in college for receiving 100 marks in both Science and Maths– they even called me on stage to congratulate me! I was so proud, I couldn’t hold back the tears. 

However, even though he is proud of all that his son has achieved, he still wishes to do more for his children. 


The desire, that he could contribute in not just their education, but also help them enjoy the finer things in life – like a restaurant meal – is still unfulfilled. 

All his friend’s parents took all the children out for a meal in a restaurant–I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t ever give him that kind of life–our every penny goes into fees and books.

But for his son, he has definitely fulfilled his role as a father. And that is what gives him the strength to continue working hard. 

We ate a simple meal at home that night, all of us together. I think he realised what I was feeling, so after dinner he hugged me and said ‘thank you baba’ and all my worries just melted–I felt like I was doing something right.

Not all stories of struggle end in unparalleled success, but stories and moments such as these are what help us realize what struggle and hard work can achieve. 

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Truly, there is no way we can measure what our parents have done for us and the only thing we – as children – can do, is be understanding and grateful.