People say that finding a perfect job is like finding the perfect soul mate; there might be a lot of them out there, but there’s only one that’s just perfect for you. And to be honest, when you find the one (job, of course), your life will change drastically. Obviously, for the better: 

1. You will no longer feel the Monday-morning blues.

In fact, you will start looking forward to Mondays!

2. Unlike your friends, you will be more than happy to talk about work.

The concept of not talking about work outside the bounds of the office will cease to apply.

3. You will begin to miss your office, even when you are on a vacation!

Especially your cray cray colleagues and your awesome boss!

4. Colleagues will quickly turn into great friends.

And you will start making plans to hang out after work hours.

5. You will never realize when you have worked ‘over-time.’

Because you will stop looking at your watch in the office.

6. If you have to spend your weekends in the office, you won’t mind.

Because the office will start feeling like home.

7. You will unsubscribe to any emails from job portals sites.

Once you land your perfect job, why would you want to change it, right?

8. Work will stop feeling like work because you really love what you do.

You will totally relate to the quote, “If you love what you do, you will never have to work another day in your life.”

9. When your friends complain about their work or their job, you will completely stop relating to it.

You will start advising them to quit their boring jobs and do something they love, just like you.

10. Your boss and you will be on great terms.

In fact, you guys will start hanging out all the time, together.

You’ll get all this and more at Check out their video below to know why

Feature Image: Dharma Movies