They say that the best way to bring about change is to start with yourself. And when it comes to fostering gender equality, this concept gains even more relevance. While we may hear tales of how women are at par with their male counterparts, what some people fail to take into account is the discrimination women and girls face on an everyday basis, even at home.

So, when we asked men what they would teach their kids about gender equality, we were pleasantly surprised. Here’s how these men plan to share the load of parenting with their wives:

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To keep this hope alive, Ariel is teaming up with renowned NGO, Akshara Centre to teach people to ‘share the load’. Together, Ariel and Akshara Centre have launched a unique course to spread the message of gender equality. Titled, “#ShareTheLoad – Be the Change’ and aimed at students aged 17-21, the three-hour long course will be completely free and work towards ending gender-related stereotypes in India to create a society equal in all measures. Check out details about the course online.