As if they weren’t already doing so much, we took a crazy step by asking a few people what more do they expect from their smartphones. And after reading these responses all we can say is… 

God help technology!





While technology will take “some” time to fulfill our crazy wishes, there’s one wish that has already been fulfilled by a humble company called Nextbit. Believe it or not, they actually fulfil few of these whacked out wishes! Their flagship device, Nextbit Robin is fully capable of offloading idle apps to the cloud and then recovers them on request. And with a cloud storage of 100GB, you’re never going to have any storage problems. 

This device is ready to explode the market with super cool designs and awesome colours like Mint and Midnight. And hold up, it doesn’t need all your money. They have priced this peach at just Rs. 19,999!  Are you ready for it?

Sponsored by Nextbit