Sponsored by Decathlon

I still remember those summer vacations spent at our cousin’s place, where every football match would turn into a mudfest. We didn’t have a care in the world, it was our time, our playtime. Now looking back, I feel that somewhere in the middle of finishing school and leading a 9-to-5, we all grew up. Thankfully, it’s not just me who’s getting dewy-eyed reminiscing about those playtime memories. Here’s what we got when we asked people about their favourite part of growing up.

*grabs the tissue box*

Those were the days when our life revolved around a game of badminton, finding lost cricket balls in the bushes and fixing our broken bicycle chains. But when we opened the Pandora Box called adulthood, we had to kiss our playtime goodbye. Kudos to Decathlon for actually giving a thought to this and coming up with this movement that inspires people to start playing again. As we celebrated National Sports Day on 29th August, Decathlon reminded us that it’s time to #PlayFor ourselves and leave behind the several reasons we may have not to go back to sports. So flex your muscles, crack ‘dem knuckles, straighten that back and put your sports shoes on and tell us what you #PlayFor.

Watch their inspirational video below that’ll give you the right amount of kick to hit the field again.

BRB, calling Ramesh, Suresh and Kamla for a game of keechad football.