The feeling of living at home is a very underrated one. We eat, sleep, laugh and grow with our families, yet never realize how deeply connected we are to them. Some of us have to leave home to study or pursue our dream job, but can seldom celebrate an achievement without feeling incomplete. It is only when we’re sick that we realize how difficult it can be to get through life without someone caring for you. At the end of the day, simple things like a ‘How are you feeling now?’, or ‘Do you need soup?’ cheer us up. And this is when we realize that we cannot live without loving them, and being loved back.

So, we asked a few people who have been living alone for a while about what they miss the most about their homes and believe me, you would really want to go home after reading the answers.

It’s pretty tough to not miss our loved ones when we’re away from them. Churning out a mesmerizing piece of art on the same note, Nitish Bharti, the famous sand artist in collaboration with HP, has beautifully portrayed the pain of being away from one’s family in a video. What’s more, through his art, he also tells us how easy it is to stay in touch and stay connected with our loved ones using HP laptops.