You take a bath, hot or cold, and as fresh as you feel coming out, your toes and fingers tell a different story. All wrinkled up and prune-like as if you grew old soaking in the water.

There are several scientific reasons behind why this happens, most of which we might’ve read in books or learnt at school.


Scientists believe that this phenomena happens to provide us with a better grip on wet or submerged objects.

J Rusell

In 2011, Mark Changizi, an evolutionary neurobiologist from Idaho, USA, suggested that this is probably an evolutionary function since it is an active process. A recent study that was conducted also proved that wet fingers help in picking up wet objects better.

If you think about it, it is similar to tyres rolling on wet surfaces. The tyre treads make for a better grip and prevent slipping or skidding.

Drives Park

We bet you never thought of that. Did you?

You can read about this in detail at Scientific American